Monday, April 21, 2014

Short Sleeve Shirt Season (Soon!)

April showers are nearing an end, washing away the memories of chilly winter weather. Thoughts of summer aren't far behind – nor are thoughts of updating your summer wardrobe.

Today, for the Momo Gents: short sleeve shirts galore!

These Hawaiian print shirts from Kahala fill us with happy anticipation of backyard barbeques and frosty drinks sporting tiny umbrellas. Kahala, a Hawaiian clothing company founded in 1936, prides itself on durability (while maintaing a healthy sense of playfulness). They use pigment dyes and enzyme washes on their shirts, giving them a soft, broken-in look and feel.

Kahala Hawaiian shirts, available in three colors!
The "Nuku Hiva" pattern.
"Tapa" pattern.

For the Momo Man who is seeking a less tropical look, we have a selection of shirts from New York's WRK. Tailored for a slimmer fit, the WRK shirts work really well for layering – invaluable during our mercurial spring weather.

Tailored short sleeve shirts from WRK.

Retro Polynesian print on sunflower yellow = summer.
Blue and white plaid is a long-standing classic.
Love love love the swiss dot texture of this shirt!

Drop by, say hi, let our Momo Hula Girl inspire your summer clothing update!

"Aloha kau wela!"

Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Has Sprung!

If there is one thing that Pacific Northwesterners are truly appreciative of, it is the onset of spring. Sunshine, warm breezes, bursts of color as flowers and trees begin to bloom ... all of these things bring smiles to our faces and lightness to our step.

Today Momo would like to pay tribute to the end of winter with fun photos of the many splashes of color to be seen when you visit. Happy April, everyone!

Ronni Kappos earrings made with vintage Czech glass.

Beautiful cotton tea towels from France.

Straight from Japan, Sou Sou textiles!

Moo-Young leather bangles in a rainbow of hues. 
And, April 15th is the Happiest Day of the Year. Tax Day!! So, to bring some actual happiness to your day, Momo will not be charging sales tax on your clothing purchase. Yes, that's right – NO SALES TAX. Come say hi and take a gander at our newest arrivals, and sale stuff, too. Perhaps you'll find a way to take advantage of our tax-free tax day!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Lu for You

Hello Dear Momo Friends,

As you know, we at Momo love to support local designers. Our latest addition is Jenny Fort, creative mastermind behind Lu clothing.

Like many designers, Jenny started Lu when she wasn’t able to find exactly what she was looking for in the general retail world. What was Jenny on the hunt for? Simple, modern clothes in elegant colors. Comfort. Ease. Sophisticated backdrops for accessories.

Momo’s current collection of Lu showcases these ideals. Dresses, tops and pants all display an understated Japanese sensibility – structured without being unduly formal, avant-garde without the over-the-top drama of a Parisian fashion show.

Without further ado: this is Lu.

Professional yet playful Bottom No. 2 shorts.  

Shorts in action!

We love the silhouette of Dress No. 6

Dress No. 2 is a twist on the classic A-Line, plus pockets. 
Check out the squared-off asymmetrical hem on Top No. 3.

To all of our Lovely Momo Ladies: save the date ... Wednesday April 23rd from 5 – 7 Momo will be hosting a Momo Girl Power Hour with Pearlesque + Lu. Stay tuned for more info!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Momo’s Playful Side

Do you love animals? Do you love soft, adorable little French animals wearing soft, adorable little French clothes? Momo certainly does! Let us introduce you to our small fuzzy friends from France, made by Moulin Roty:

From left to right: Nini Mouse, Jeanne Duck, Albert Sheep, Sylvain Bunny and Julius Dog.

French attention to detail: teeny holes for teeny tails to peek out of!

Jeanne and Buddha.

Julius riding a shoulder.

Sylvain’s shoes are too big!

These whimsical and well-dressed creatures are perfectly cute and perfect for the wee ones in your life (or perhaps not-so-wee!). Perhaps as a sweet Easter surprise?

Sylvain Bunny, Julius Dog and Nini Mouse were kind enough to model quirky zipper pouches made by New York copywriter Pamela Barsky. Hand-made in the US from sturdy canvas, these are a fun and functional way to organize your small things, or to package a gift.

Snarky Bunny!

Feed me!

Nini has a sarcastic streak.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sprucing Up for Spring, Momo-Man Style

Spring has arrived and with it, spring and summer clothing. Hooray! The holiday season decimated our Momo Men clothing selection, so we are especially happy to be receiving more pieces by the day. So, for your perusal, a small taste of what you can currently find in store:

Rodd & Gunn Italian linen shirts are luxurious, durable and perfect for the seasons ahead. Based out of New Zealand, Rodd & Gunn focuses on natural fibers like linen, cotton, wool and leather. We have two colors of their linen button-up shirts: a classic royal blue and yellow plaid and a subtle dusty teal.

Italian linen in a royal blue and yellow plaid. 
Gorgeous soft linen weave. 

Dusty grey-green Italian linen by Rodd & Gunn.
The Wolf & Man vest is both stylish and utilitarian. We love the pockets on the back of this piece! Details like this are what elevate an article of clothing to a higher level. Wolf & Man is an independent menswear line based out of Los Angeles. Momo was fortunate to be visited recently by the two young men who started this company. Charming guys who truly believe in their fashion vision.

The Wolf & Man vest has a modern twist on a classic design.
Pockets on the back - brilliant!
Shown layered beneath the Wolf & Man vest is a terrific shirt by Report Collection, a contemporary sportswear company based out of Montreal. Again, details are what make a piece really special. Report Collection shirts always feature playful patterns tucked away on the lining of cuffs and plackets. 

Fun floral details make this Report shirt special.

Check back for updates on new arrivals! In the meantime, stay dry and enjoy the random bursts of sunshine. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

One Size Fits Most (Really!)

One of the things that we really strive for at Momo is providing clothing that is both stylish and versatile, easily mixing in with your already existing wardrobe.

Today we are featuring three brands that we feel truly epitomize this ethos: Metalicus, AMB and (new to Momo!) Vigorella. All meet at the intersection where fashion and function collide. They really are one-size-fits-most (honest!), utilizing comfortable fabrics with stretch. Not only do they fit a multitude of body shapes and sizes, but they’re lightweight, exceptionally easy to layer, low maintenance and excellent for travel.

New for spring from the ever-popular Australian brand Metalicus:
The Bronx Drape tank dress has super cute tucked detailing on the sides.

This is the Dash tunic (also available in heathered grey)
with the Bronx cardigan (also available in black/white).
We love the deep pockets on this dress.

The playful Ziggy tank dress with the Port cardigan.
AMB tops come in a rainbow of colors.
AMB tops are ideal for a base layer. They’re snug, soft, slightly sheer and provide lightweight arm coverage. Momo has a plethora of colors and patterns to choose from.

We’re so excited to introduce Vigorella. Like Metalicus, Vigorella is made in Australia and employs a mix of high-tech fabrics and renewable textiles like bamboo. The simple shapes are designed to be layered and layered, without bulky binding. So right for Seattle!
Vigorella’s A-Line tank is deliciously soft thanks to a blend of bamboo and cotton.

Long cami dresses by Vigorella can be worn under a tee as a skirt:
classic black, cheerful spring greenand a summery blue.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Luscious Leather

New for you at Momo: a carefully curated capsule collection of artful leather goods from Seattle designer Francine Moo-Young.

The “Alex” bag is aged, oiled buffalo hide. Durable, beautiful and sinfully supple.
Francine’s work is as eclectic and interesting as her background (Jamaican and Chinese), ranging from rugged aged buffalo leather satchels to delicately painted wristlets. With a background working in the fashion industry and a lifetime of crafting, Francine found herself in the perfect position to solve a ‘personal’ problem: the need for a small wristlet to hold her phone, keys and lip gloss. When she couldn’t find something to meet her needs, she made her own. Et voila!
A line of lovely leather accessories.

Momo selected a handful of oiled buffalo pieces that are perfect for
a man or a woman. We love the fact that Ms. Moo-Young works with
the leather, embracing and incorporating the natural scars, scuffs
and brands rather than excluding them.

More buffalo! iPad case and sleek, chic wallets.
Momo Mama Lei Ann also chose an array of hand-painted works. These are gorgeous statement pieces, with large feathery swathes
of paint creating depth and visual texture on traditional cow-hide
leather. Painted with leather-specific paints and followed with
a sealant, the ethereal brush-strokes are scratch-resistant.

Painted clutch, with shoulder strap.

A closer look at flowing layers of paint. 

Painted leather goods! Wallet, wristlet and clutch.

Francine also crafts these delightful leather and silver bangles. At $34 for a set of 7, they are an incredible deal and a sprightly splash of color.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Repurposed with a Purpose

“Repurposing” and “up-cycling” are becoming an ever-increasing theme in many independent designers’ work these days. A rising concern for reducing waste, taking a step back from being a throw-away society and an appreciation for the beauty an object acquires over time — all of these are merging to create a new approach to design.

One of our favorite re-purposers is Chemical Wedding. Jon and Tracy use a combination of new and recycled leathers, factory seconds and post-industrial scrap to construct handbags that are gorgeous, unique, durable and functional. Momo-girl Angela has the “Devon” cross-body bag and she can say, with zero hesitation, that is the most intelligently designed purse she has ever owned.

New to Momo is designer Katherine Ragghianti from Poulsbo. Katherine’s bags are constructed from up-cycled Japanese fabrics that started out life as kimonos, yukatas and obis, with some hand-painted silks and lamb suede added for good measure. We love the juxtaposition of traditional textiles with more contemporary styles.

Both the Katherine and Chemical Wedding messenger bag have adjustable straps.
Here are two takes on the classic messenger bag. in the left is a Katherine bag made of kimono, obi and yukata fabric, with a lamb suede back. On the right is “Reiko” by Chemical Wedding. Both have adjustable straps and can be worn as a shoulder bag or cross-body bag.

Unique and wonderfully diverse versions of the classic shoulder bag. 
The “Dian” shoulder bag features inset diamonds of slate blue and grey leather and a line of eye-catching whipstitching. Katherine’s hand-painted silk take on the same style is lined with the sweetest red and white polka-dot fabric.

Tiny and Tote! The wee little Chemical Wedding “Kiko” has a long strap for cross-body versatility with the petite build and weight of a wallet. Katherine’s roomy tote offers lots of space to store your essentials without a lot of weight. Delicate yukata fabric gives this highly practical tote an elegant look.

Wallet-purse and spacious tote — both ends of the spectrum!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bench Warmers

New at Momo: Bench jackets for men and women!

Bench Clothing remains at the forefront of fashion-meets-function street wear. The reasonably-priced brand hails from Britain where they certainly know how to face the dreary days with style. At Momo, we’ve just received a batch of cozy, washable jackets that will help you navigate the winter-to-spring transition with ease.

For Women: The Northwood Zip Thru jacket features kitten-soft faux fur lining and handy thumb-holes.

The Northwood Zip Thru

The Tigereyed moto-jacket is water-resistant and has an asymmetric zipper and removable drawstring hood.

The Tigereyed Jacket

For the Gents: The Dymano jacket features a plethora of cargo pockets to house your goods.
The Dynamo Jacket
... And the Enhance Jacket is a great lightweight option, with a hood that conveniently zips into the collar.
The Enhance Jacket